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Reusable Products

The end of single-use plastic


Eliminate the use of single-use plastic products as much as possible.

Plastic products have brought an unquestionable level of comfort and versatility into our lives. However, single-use plastic products cause some environmental problems for which the only solution is to promote the reusability of these products. Our mission is to promote the conscious use of reusable products, so that through our services and products we can be more environmentally friendly.

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Expanded portfolio of solutions for plastic utensils for multiple uses


We work with 4 cup sizes that are fully customizable with screen printing or IML (in-mould labeling) technology. They are unique for each event and have a life cycle of up to 250 washes. We highlight the CUP WITH CLIP. The CLIP allows you to place the cup in your pocket/belt/bag and no longer have to carry it with your hand. It also allows you to carry up to 6 cups in each hand safely with ease.

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In partnership with Alug’Aqui, a specialist in hotel equipment rental, we attained a new level of washing and drying of our products that allows for a quick and safe product hygiene. We also guarantee safe packaging to prevent the creation of fungi or bacteria resulting from dirt and moisture contained in the products.


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