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VedeVolta provides a portfolio with a wide range of options for reusable products. The main products are PP Plastic cups with CLIP and BPA-free Hot Cups. Both of which are available in different sizes to meet the individual needs of each client/event. We aim to extend this portfolio to the entire food court  in the near future.


We highlight the cup with Clip for its transporting ability and IML printing (in-mould labelling) which allows the printing of realistic images without color restrictions.


Vedevolta presents a standardized cup rental system, currently available in 2 sizes: 0.25L and 0.5L. Rental is the ideal solution for small parties/events, to help customers reduce waste and promote sustainability


VedeVolta, in partnership with one of the group's companies, Alug’Aqui, a specialist in hotel equipment rental, has a specialized washing machine, which allows for an absolute perfect wash and dry of the cups. This way, it is possible to achieve a perfect wash and dry, without damaging the product, thus ensuring safe packaging to prevent the creation of fungi or bacteria.


Cups with clip

Minimum quantity: 1000 units (IML); 250 (Screen printing)

IML technology: Realistic and limitless designs

Screen printing: Up to 5 colors Properties: CE standards and BPA free

Utility: Reusable up to 250 times

copos website.jpg

Hot cups

hot cups website.jpg

Minimum quantity: 250 units. Design: Transparent / Beige / Color Technology: Rotary Screen Printing 1-3 colors

Properties: CE and BPA Free 

Utility: Stability up to temperatures of 130°

copos para alugar.jpg

Minimum quantity:

1 box 280 cups (0.25l)

1 box 216 cups (0.5l)

Properties: CE and BPA Free standards

Utility: Reusable up to 250 times

Copos para Aluguer

Gama Disponível 


Industrial washing that allows total hygiene and perfect drying (1).gif
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